Saturday, 15 January 2011



Want to leave them a message they can read as adults?

I know what it is like when your side of the story isn’t being told. That’s why at we have the safe and secure LIFE STORY LEGACY. Here you can leave your story in words, pictures and film. You can scan in special features, family documents, your returned, un-opened letters.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Dads and Babies

Many new Dads haven't really been prepared for baby days and, unless they have a baby brother or sister have little or no experience of touching, holding and engaging a baby.


Bubble the Bump! Take a bath or shower with mum regularly, washing the bump with plenty of soothing soap bubbles and feeling the different shapes and size as the pregnancy develops gives a real sense of closeness to baby. After bathing wrap the bump and baby with a shawl or blanket that you will wrap baby in when it arrives and don't forget to cuddle mum.

Kiss baby through the bump. Give baby a good talking to. Getting your face and especially your lips up close and personal and talking and singing through the bump lets baby feel your vibrations and starts the bonding process.

Go to all of the scans and pre-natal visits. Get involved, ask questions. When the doctor/midwife feels around ask what they are feeling for and if you can follow their example and feel what they feel.

Plan your after birth responsibilities. Who's going to be the main carrer? Who's going to go out to earn the corn? Get the home ready and allow yourself the time to imagine and act out baby scenes. Well before baby is born get the house baby friendly get it warmed up for baby. It needs to be clean, tidy, organised and above all calm. Feng Shui can help here.

At the birth.

Be ever ready. Make a birthing bag up that you can grab and take with you. baby's blanket should be there along with something to read or do whilst you are waiting. Keep calm and reassuring for Mum.

Hands on, not hands off. Get that baby in your arms straight away. If you aren't sure about how to hold a tiny child get some time in beforehand if you can. Hold friends and family babies or practice with a doll or better still an age appropriate Teddy that you will give to baby.

At home.

Don't hand over the newborn to mum and expect her to 'get on with it'. Mum is no different than you. You are both natural baby makers, but parenting is a life learning skill. As with any skill you need time on the job so get stuck in. Understand that as parents you will make mistakes and have to change your position as you find what works best. It's been said that we are 'born with brain that is a ball of confusion and that what we are exposed to early in our lives sets us up for life'. Keep it calm, loving an happy.