Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Abducted Children

Since 1983 I have been involved in the detection and repatriation of hundreds of distressed children.

Parents and family members can be the most damaging of people a child can come into contact with. I've witnessed babies being held over multi story buildings held from certain death by the strand of a nappy. I've stood back whilst the abductor has screamed and shouted abuse at the child taking out the anger they feel for the absent parent the authorities, and me. They have no concept of the life long damage they are causing. On other occasions I have spent hours talking to a parent holding a child hostage amazed at the cold calm way they justify their 'right' to put the child through a life changing ordeal.

I've been lucky. To date I've not had any case that went to the wire. In the majority of incidents I have managed to negotiate and come away with the child. On the occasional ones where I've not felt it appropriate to force the return I've ensured the child's safety and returned at a later time to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Missing Children

Every year in America an estimated 800,000 children are reported missing. That's more than 15,000 children each day. In the UK 100,000 go missing and that's nearly 2,000 a day!

Many of these children will be found in a relatively short time. But for some, they will never be found. Their parents continue their life in hope and despair.For them there is no closure.

As an investigator and family social worker I have been involved in many investigations and managed to put parents and children back together. Some though, I've not found and know only too well how the uncertainty eats away at the very root of even the most stable family relationships.

Here at we have an initiative that allows parents and family members the opportunity to leave a Life Story Legacy, a diary that is stored for posterity. The hope is that one day a missing child or their future family will access our records and know their true family history.

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