Tuesday, 19 April 2011


We adopted our daughter in the UK when she was 7 prior to the adoption videos were made by us (we were also her former social workers) when she was with her mother and birth family. We also spent a lot of time building a life story book. Post adoption we encouraged her to have contact/visitation to her birth Mum 3 times a year. At 9 her mother was found dead. Our daugter who has learning difficulties and is now 21 has relied on the videos and story book to help her make sense of her background. My website http://www.mychildcontact.com has been designed with our experience of the needs of children to know their birth parents. It's really important.

Kenn Griffiths is an adoptive parent, social worker, founder of mychildcontact.com and a writer and is available for interview and comment.

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